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Why distribute our products?


Enjoy many benefits by distributing Skintifique products!


1. Offer your customers exceptional skin care and companion care products


20 to 40% of people have sensitive, allergic or stressed skin (exposition to pollution, skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis...). And many of these people are looking for new solutions to their concerns!

Skintifique products are derived from exclusive patented technologies that are highly efficient, safe and provide new benefits

We have 2 strong principles: Radical Simplicity and Bioinspiration

All our products have minimalist compositions for maximum safety: NO paraben, NO mineral oil, NO silicone (dimethicone...), NO fragrance, NO EDTA, NO lanolin...

Skintifique products are ethical: NO animal testing, NO ingredient derived from live animals...

Ou products offer novel functions derived from proprietary, world-class science; follow the links below for more info on:

- Capturifique's technology platform to protect skin from common metal allergens and irritants such as Nickel

- Activifique's breakthrough controlled delivery platform that led to the world's most efficient and long acting moisturizer, with only 8 ingredients, and NO occlusive, petroleum derived ones

- Our approach to optimizing for product safety

- An overview on Skintifique's science


2. Products that sell well


Skintifique products enjoy high purchase and repurchase rates. In fact, Skintifique sales have been growing at a double-digit rate month over month since they have been available, and over 1 in 3 orders are from existing customers.

People looking for Skintifique products are everywhere, as illustrated in the image below that shows the zip codes where consumers who purchased Skintifique products lived in 2015.


client zip codes


3. Products that provide distinctiveness to your business


Skintifique is a young brand that is growing rapidly and is working closely with its commercial partners to do so. Work with us and we may offer exclusivity within your zip code, region or country (conditions apply).

Skintifique and its products have a story! No wonder, as we were founded by a Harvard Professor of Medicine and a global healthcare entrepreneur, and as our team comes from, or has lived in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Sweden, Peru, Japan, Korea, India. And this team blends together world-class science with breakthrough digital approaches and sound, traditional "real world" ones. Innovation comes from being at the interfaces!

For more info, check our press review and company presentation


4. Enjoy commercial benefits that fit your needs


If you want to maximize your margin, simply purchase from us and sell to your customers, as you see fit. You will enjoy:


- Attractive pricing and volume discounts:

Our professional offer is designed to be simple and attractive for you.


- No hassle and efficient client support

Ordering on this site allows you to make orders when most convenient for you, quickly and with no hassle.

In addition, you can always contact us by mail at [email protected] or by phone at 1-877-310-4499 (toll-free) for any support needed... or any suggestion on how to improve our service.


- Quick and flexible delivery

We offer professional shipping to any location you specify within the USA. Shipping to most other countries is also possible; just let us know what you need.


- Welcome offer and test products

New professional clients may receive a Discovery Pack at NO CHARGE (except shipping fees that may apply). The Discovery Pack includes one of each of our 4 products, full sized. This offer allows you discover and assess our products, and to let your own customers discover them as well. Just look for the corresponding voucher in your Client Account.


- Loyalty program

For any $10 (or equivalent) spent on this website, your account gets credited with $1 (or equivalent) in loyalty points. You may change these loyalty points into vouchers for future purchases.


- Free shipping for qualifying orders


- Flexibility to adapt your offer to your market and customers

We only request that you respect Minimal Recommended Selling Price (MRSP) for individual products, and those are the same as what we offer to consumers on our website!


If you do not want to carry inventory, nor deal with logistics, use our Dropshipping or Referral & Affiliation programs


- Dropshipping program. The principle is simple: you purchase from us only when you have received an order from your own customers, and you ask us to send the products directly to them. This way, you focus fully on developing and serving your own customers, and you do not have to worry with inventories, nor with logistics. Click here to learn more about our Dropshipping program>.


- Referral & Affiliation program. This is a program that allows you to benefit from referring consumers and even other businesses to Skintifique. In short, you provide your customers with a unique referral code that you get when you open an account, and you get commissions on the sales, which you may redeem in cash payments or in vouchers for future purchases, depending on the specific program that you joined. In addition, your customers get benefits, such as discount vouchers or free products, when they make purchases on the Skintifique website with your referral. You do not need to purchase any product, nor manage any inventory, and you still benefit and make your customers happy! Contact us to learn more about the Referral & Affiliation program for Professionals>


5. Marketing, Merchandizing, and other support resources


We provide resources designed to help you develop and grow your sales of Skintifique products. And we are always interested in learning from you what else we can do to make you successful and have more people discover and use our products.


To learn more: Register on the Skintifique Pro website, or contact us!